Opening Salvo

Even though most people tell me I’m a good writer and easy to read, I find in the past few years especially that I enjoy consuming way more than I enjoy producing.  There’s just so much great interesting writing out there and I probably read 8-10 hours every day.  But most of it probably isn’t all that productive, more politics than anything else and that’s something I actually considered for a while as a vocation.  The 10th Congressional District is ripe for the plucking here in Western NC and I had designed a great strategy for getting elected.  (Imagine two adorable children imploring the current heartless occupant of the office: “Please Mr. McHenry!  Don’t kill our daddy by taking away his health insurance!” Hey I thought it was clever….).

Then I came to my senses and decided instead to enter the Master of Entrepreneurship program at Western Carolina University and to build my dining room table-based accounting and tax business into something that both earns me enough income to survive here in mountain paradise (not easy!) and to serve my community where it needs it most: helping the many incredible artisans and entrepreneurs trying to scrape by here to turn the corner, build their businesses into something that supports them well, while helping to create the kind of meaningful good paying employment so lacking here in the WNC.

We take for granted that Asheville somehow manages to maintain its weirdness in spite of calamitous largely unchecked growth.  But that won’t last long if all the weird people–many of whom happen to also possess skills and creativity beyond the town’s ability to harness it all–pack up and scatter because they’re sick of low wage service jobs and have been priced out of the housing market.  Especially when suddenly they find themselves raising a family.

Enter Abundance Business Solutions, a holistic approach to founding and building ethical conscious businesses with adequate cash flow, access to high quality skilled local labor, and the ability to grow to their full potential without becoming evil corporations that exploit the labor force and despoil our mountain paradise with bad vibes (or worse).  In short, the goal here at Abundance: Keep Asheville Weird.

So I hope this taste keeps you coming back for more because I intend to do some more writing about these issues and how Abundance can help you, your business, your family, and our community in so may ways.

Stay tuned!

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